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Writings about micro journaling, dream journaling, productivity, deep focus, lifestyle, balance and other topics related to mental well-being in the 21st century

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Some Good Reasons to Journal Daily

An enumerated (and growing) list of good reasons to write a few words about your every day.

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~ 7min

The Science of Dreaming: Keeping a Dream Journal (2/2)

Exploring concerns, activities, or even relationships in the waking world: here’s where dream journals are coming in handy! Make sure to do it right with these few practical tips.

Kid feeding a giraffe in a dream
~ 8min

The Science of Dreaming: 6 Ways to Benefit from your Dreams (1/2)

Though seemingly random and chaotic, dreams are a mirror of our waking life and give us key insights that we might otherwise ignore.

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~ 8min

(Alternative) Forms of Meditation

Meditation comes in many forms, you do not always have to have your eyes closed and legs crossed to let your mind wander.

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Focus VS Creativity

Focus and creativity are opposites. The magic happens when you find the right balance between the two.

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Introduction to Micro Journaling

What is Micro Journaling and what is the difference to traditional journaling?

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The concept of flow originates in positive psychology and describes a mental state in which a person or group achieves maximum focus and joy while performing a task.

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Beyond Words: Emojis

They look childish at first glance but emojis constitute a revolution of communication, namely, beyond language itself.

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The Art of Minimalistic Writing

Just like following a minimalistic lifestyle, a minimalistic writing style can help to increase awareness and clarity about what is written.