Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I start a journal?

Keeping a journal is all about mindfulness and meditation. Both writing and recapping daily logs help you reflect upon your relationships, accomplishments, goals and life in general.

What is “micro” journaling?

A micro journal is a light version of a traditional journal. Instead of writing page-long entries you log your day on the go in 3-7 short bullets. This way journaling stays fun and you can book entries even on busy days.

Can I use Journalistic together with my traditional journal?

Absolutely! It makes perfect sense to write up daily entries with short bullets and elaborate on them later.

Will my data stay private?

Yes! We've opted for a paid revenue model because we do not want to compromise on user experience by placing ads or selling data to third parties.

Is the app available on Android and iOS devices?

Yes! Journalistic is a Progressive Web App (PWA), meaning you can install it on Chrome, Android and iOS just like a native app. Check out the following question on how to install it. At some point we will also provide native apps via the Apple AppStore™ and the Google PlayStore™.

How can I install the Journalistic app (PWA) on my device?

Check out our guide "How to install a Progressive Web App (PWA)" and you'll be up and running in less than a minute. You can also always use the web app, it works great as well!

Can I export my journal?

Yes, you can download your journal entries easily with just one click. We're currently supporting export in text and markdown format and will add PDF some time in the future.