A fully end-to-end encrypted personal journal

The goal for Journalistic is to eventually provide users the option to fully end-to-end encrypt their journals. This feature has already been requested many times, but it naturally comes with many challenges on the technical side and also with UX, e.g. users will have to take care of encryption keys, etc.

You can read more on these topics in our blog post Talking Privacy of Journaling Apps.

Solving the encryption problem for deeply linked objects and storing them in a relational database for synchronization and insight generation is not exactly an easy task, but the benefits are obvious.

Therefore, we started the Voynich project. It will run in parallel to the main app development with the purpose to test and explore encryption-related features and technologies without directly impacting Journalistic users, somewhat like the Gemini program for Apollo.

Once feasibility is established, eligible features will be ported to the Journalistic app.


  • Full offline support [ongoing]
  • Optimistic UI and dramatically reduced latency [ongoing]
  • Optional end-to-end encryption
  • Peer-to-peer device sync