Your personal mental health and lifestyle coach

Freud is our ML research program with the goal to develop algorithms that can assess your state of mind solely by analysing the entries in your journal.

Freud will help you recognize patterns in your behaviour, mood, etc. and act as your personal mental health and lifestyle coach.

Freud, once ready, will be opt-in only.

F/1 – Sentiment

The first stage of Freud will be simple sentiment analysis on a bullet point level in order to test feasibility and accuracy.

Status: under development

F/2 – Correlation

Once sentiment analsis is established F/2 will attempt to correlate it with context, i.a. #tags, @mentions, dreams, highlights, aso.

Status: planning

F/3 – Patterns

If correlation can be achieved, the logical next step is pattern analysis aka. complex correlation between multiple entities and over time.

Status: not started