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Please also take a look at our documentation, where you can find information about all the features and functionality of the app.

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Journalistic is a Progressive Web App (PWA) and therefore rolls out updates under the hood without you even noticing. However, occasionally some devices might store an outdated version of the app for a bit longer than they should, which can cause problems and result in some hiccups in the user experience.

Usually your device will eventually download the latest version and resolve the problem, but if you experience an issue that stops you from using the app, one potential solution is to clear the app cache and reinstall Journalistic either from the website (PWA) or from the PlayStore.

Have a look at the troubleshooting section in the documentation for more information and check our troubleshooting playlist on YouTube.

If those can't fix it, please send us an email to the address mentioned above or join our Discord so we can help you out.