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Journalistic is a Progressive Web App (PWA) . PWAs are the next generation of mobile applications. You can install them directly from your web browser, and once installed you won't feel a difference from a native Android- or iOS app, with one exception: you never need to update them.

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For Android you have two options:

1. Download from the PlayStore™ (recommended)

Google enables the distribution of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) via Trusted Web Activities (TWA) in the PlayStore. You can install the app from the PlayStore™ as you are used to while still benefitting from all the advantages of PWAs, e.g. tiny storage requirements, always-up-to-date-ness, ...

Get it on Google Play

2. Install as PWA via browser

Open this page in a PWA-compatible browser.

Chrome (recommended) / Samsung Internet / Brave

Once you open the page the browser will open a banner at the bottom of the page that says "Add Journalistic to Home screen". Click on it and you're ready to go.

If the banner does not appear click on the menu icon    and in the menu "Add to Home screen". That's it, open the app via the app icon.


In the address bar, to the right of the page URL, you should see a little house icon with a plus symbol in the middle. Click on it and "+ Add to home screen". That's it!

There might be some limitations when installing Journalistic with Samsung Internet, Brave or Firefox due to limited PWA support, we strongly recommend installing the app via Chrome.


Open this page with Safari, click on the share button (box with up arrow) and in the opening popup "Add to Home Screen". Ready!

We are already working on publishing Journalistic to the AppStore™ as well for a more convenient installation process.


Install as PWA via browser

Chrome (recommended) / Brave / Edge

To install Journalistic on your desktop open this page with Chrome / Brave / Edge and click on the small plus icon on the right side of the address bar. If you do not see the icon, click on the menu icon    and "Add to Home screen". Perfect, start journaling...


Firefox partially dropped support for PWAs on desktop. We therefore do not recommend to use Firefox for installing Journalistic on desktop, use the web app instead (see below).


Opera currently doesn't support PWAs. Please use the web app (see below).

Use the web app

Journalistic works great in the browser (best in Chrome) and you do not need to install it on your device at all. With the exception of a desktop icon you will get the exact same experience.

Just open your browser and navigate to

PWA resources

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